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The Chábom Factory

The Chábom Factory was founded in 1983, in Funchal, specializing in the manufacture of Honey Cake and Honey Bread. The success of the company is due to the combination of quality products with the flavor and family tradition of our recipes. The Chábom brand was a pioneer in marketing these products that had a seasonal consumption. It was with Chábom that we began to have these regional delicacies throughout the year, both in the homes of Madeirans, as well as the tourist that always visit us.

Besides the famous honey cakes and the “broas”, the company has also specialized in a range of chocolates, handmade sweets and other “broas”, with typical regional flavors.

For 40 years they have maintained a traditionally unmistakable flavor and in addition to selling their products in their own factory, they maintain a long lasting relationship with regional, national, and recently international distributors, thus contributing to the preservation of the island’s cultural identity throughout the world.

This family business was acquired in 2023 by Chef Júlio Pereira, intending to take his legacy further. With the commitment to always keep the recipes and ancestral techniques in their confection.

The Chábom Factory
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